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Our Advisory Board

The Chef Ann Foundation has created an Advisory Board to enhance the diversity of support that we provide schools, districts, and food service teams across the country. Our advisors are leaders in the field of school food; they push the envelope of what school food can be by actively innovating within school food programs.

Our advisors support scratch cooking, farm to school, and food education efforts in schools. They contribute content expertise to Chef Ann Foundation staff and ensure Chef Ann Foundation programs and resources remain relevant, effective, and cutting edge.

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Why Scratch Cooking?

We believe that with the right knowledge and tools, schools can transform their kitchens and lunchrooms to support student health, wellbeing, and academic success.

School Recipes & Menus

Recipes and menus are the heart of school food change. These recipes have been developed by school food professionals, kid-tested, and perfected in school kitchens.

Fresh Food Initiatives

We developed these programs in order to give schools free access to the necessary information, tools, and resources they need to implement lasting change within their schools.

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